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Section 65 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Subsection 57 (IGNITION SYSTEM) 787 RFI Engines All Engines 9. Remove middle screw securing the engine to 6. Install and adjust a TDC gauge (P/N 795 555 698) the rear engine mount. Reinstall screw with tim- in MAG side spark plug hole.

:Sea-Doo Supercharger Repair Tools GTX/RXP

Section 66 PROPULSION SYSTEM Subsection 58 (DRIVE SYSTEM) GENERAL Jet pump must be removed to replace any com- ponents of the drive system. Refer to JET PUMP for removal procedure. REMOVAL PTO Flywheel Guard All Models except XP Remove seat (s). Remove vent tube support or seat support.

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Section 56 SERVICE TOOLS AND PRODUCTS Subsection 57 (MANDATORY SERVICE TOOLS) MANDATORY SERVICE TOOLS ENGINE Degree wheel Air compressor ring compressor PTO flywheel remover/installer P/N 579 585 657 P/N 579 585 768 P/N 795 555 556 F56J5T9 APPLICATION 767 engine. F67B5L9 NOTE: This tool is also used for APPLICATION.

Section 66 PROPULSION SYSTEM Subsection 55 (VARIABLE TRIM SYSTEM) XP Models 66-55-7 SMR7557-596_66_ .

Section 57 COOLING SYSTEM Subsection 57 (CIRCUIT, COMPONENTS AND CARE) 787 RFI Engines Water is directed to the water inlet fitting at cylin- der head. The 787 RFI engines features a heat exchanger sys- tem. This system allows water coming out of the cylinder head to circulate through a magneto heat exchanger and the crankcase heat exchanger.

Section 56 ENGINE MANAGEMENT (DI) Subsection 59 (DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES) DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES GENERAL Here is the basic order suggested to diagnose a suspected fuel injection related problem: x7568 Check the chart in TROUBLESHOOTING sec- tion to have an overview of problems and sug- gested solutions.

Section 66 PROPULSION SYSTEM Subsection 59 (REVERSE SYSTEM) Spring and Pawl Lock Reverse Cable Make sure spring no. 8 is properly installed. One Install reverse cable to cable lever as per following end of the spring is hooked in the pawl lock no. 7 illustration.

Section 66 PROPULSION SYSTEM Subsection 57 (JET PUMP) Rotate impeller remover tool counterclockwise After cutting ring, insert a screwdriver blade be- and unscrew completely impeller. tween jet pump housing and ring outside diameter. CAUTION: Never use any impact wrench to loos- Push ring so that it can collapse internally.

Advanced and easy-to-use handlebar-activated launch control system that automatically adjusts the pump angle to provide perfectly controlled acceleration—every time. 

Section 59 LUBRICATION SYSTEM Subsection 58 (OIL INJECTION PUMP) OIL INJECTION PUMP 767 Engine 59-58-6 SMR7557-587_59_ .